Read through the Bible in 50 Weeks by Eric Cosa

D.A. Carson’s “The God Who is There” mp3 series (an absolute MUST download)

Amillenialism 101 by Kim Riddlebarger (I HIGHLY recommend this series if you’re interested in Eschatology.)

  • NOTE: Brother Riddlebarger occasionally refers the Reformed Church’s view related to paedo-baptism (infant baptism) of which I can’t say I’m convinced.  But, he does explain their viewpoint in such a way that I was finally able to understand where they’re coming from.  Other than that, this series is a must listen to not only better understand the Amillenial view, but to better understand the Bible as a whole when seen through “Christ-centered lenses.”

Lectures on Keswick Theology by Andy Naselli.  This is something I’m getting ready to listen to and learn about.  So, you can download, listen and learn along with me.