Big brave atheists…

This is a rant…PS.

I just happened to find an article about an atheist group in New York that put up a billboard for Christmas that basically said, “You know Christmas is a Myth! This is the season for reason!” Of course, as a Christian, I do feel pity for these people, but at the same time it got me fired up. A few thoughts popped in to my mind and I realized that atheists are truly cowards. Why, you ask? Well, I’ll tell you…

  • Tell me how valiant and brave it is to blast a religion that celebrates the birth of a BABY born in a humble BARN who claims to be God in the flesh come to save rebellious, undeserving sinners?
  • How noble and courageous is it to constantly berate a religion that, undoubtedly, has committed multitudes of faults and failures, both current and historical, but has…

…opened hospitals all around the world, spurred people’s hearts to give even as God gave to help those who suffer and are in need all around the world, established institutes of higher learning all around the world, contributed the most influential works of literature and art in history, done more to elevate the status of and protect women and children than any other group amongst an innumerable multitude of good things the church has done throughout the centuries.

  • Why don’t these big-mouth atheists take out a billboard blasting Islam or Mohammed?
  • I’ll tell you why, because they’re peeing in their pants afraid to.
  • Do you remember the story about the Dutch cartoonists who dared to publish a cartoon making fun of Mohammed?
  • The whole Islamic world was in an uproar!
  • It is reported that approximately 100 people died…AS A RESULT OF A CARTOON!
  • When was the last time Christians went rioting and pillaging in the streets after an episode of South Park?
  • It’s quite easy to pick on a religion that teaches sacrificial love and forgiveness…
  • It’s quite easy to blast and berate a group who’s Founder taught that His followers ought to turn the other cheek in the face of insult…
  • It’s quite easy to ridicule a group who believes “blessed are you when men revile you and persecute you…”
  • …but it’s not quite so easy to go after one that threatens brutal acts of violence on anyone who dares so much as ask a question or draws an unflattering cartoon!
  • Vocal atheists of the world, if you’re going to smear one religion, I dare you to rent billboards all across this country blasting not only Christianity, but other religions as well, including Islam!