This Week’s Theme: The Wrath of God

Over at my favorite Bible study website,, their monthly study emphasis is “The Wrath of God.” This is always a theme that Christian publishers jump on for things like “daily thought” calendars and mother’s day cards and such, so I thought I’d get on and ride that bandwagon as well. What exactly does the Bible have to say about “the Wrath of God?” Is God really nothing more than the squishy, Pillsbury dough boy god who giggles when you poke his belly that many moderns have made Him out to be? Is He the great cosmic sugar-daddy who constantly threatens the belt, but never follows through-“Don’t you make me get up off this throne! So help me, as the earth is my footstool, if you keep it up, you’re gonna be sorry!” Or is he the cruel, merciless, vicious attack-god who is constantly, angrily breathing over the shoulders of his shuddering subjects; just waiting to zap them with lightning bolts of justice with the only way they can ever please him being to commit horrendous acts of violence and terrorism?
For those who create a hippy-squishy, Pillsbury dough-boy god idol, they run in to the problems of the reality of human nature, evil, suffering and injustice. For those who create a vicious attack-god idol, they run into the issues of the beauty of mercy and grace. But, just who is God and what is He really like? The cross of Christ in itself answers a multitude of these questions. At the cross, we see that God is indeed a God of wrath and justice who takes sin extremely seriously. We also see that God is a great God of mercy and grace, extending the offer to lost sinners to “flee from the wrath to come” and take refuge in the atoning work of Christ. As we read and study about the wrath of God this week, the primary question we need to keep in mind is this, “will we face the inevitable wrath of God on our own…or face it clothed in the righteousness that is by faith in Jesus Christ?” My prayer is that for all of us it will be the latter…

ESV: Romans Chapter 3:[26] It was to show his righteousness at the present time, so that he might be just and the justifier of the one who has faith in Jesus.

ESV: Romans Chapter 11:[22] Note then the kindness and the severity of God…


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