We never “graduate” from the Gospel…

An excellent post by Mike Pohlman at the Gospel Coalition.  Related to this is a link to a PDF file of an excellent message by Pastor Tim Keller entitled, “The Centrality of the Gospel”…P.S.
Tim Keller: The Centrality of the Gospel

Mike Pohlman|8:38 AM CT

Have You “Graduated” From the Gospel?

Scotty Smith helps us remember how desperately Christians still need the gospel. Here’s an excerpt from his prayer this morning based on Mark 8:31-33:

Dear Lord Jesus, one of the many things I cherish about the Bible is its unfiltered, no-hype, non-spin honesty. Who but God would write a book documenting the foibles and failures of his beloved sons and daughters? Who but God would chronicle the ways hischosen leaders limp along, and prove themselves to be in constant need of mercy and grace? This gives me great encouragement and hope. It also gives me freedom to acknowledge that I need the gospel today just as much as the first day I believed it.

This will be just as true tomorrow, and the next day and the next. Please keep me convinced of this, Lord Jesus… because I’m so much like Peter. It’s one thing for me to stress, stew and stamp about the ways this generation is decrying and denying the theology of your cross. But it’s quite another to see the subtle and not-so-subtle ways I try to keep you from the cross. As you dealt with Peter, so deal with me. Give me all the life-giving rebukes I need to keep me living in gospel-sanity.

Mike Pohlman serves as the Executive Editor with The Gospel Coalition. A former church planter and senior pastor in the Pacific Northwest, Pohlman is a Ph.D. Candidate in American church history at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY.

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