Friday funny to cool you down…

Every time I read Lark News, I know it’s farce but I’m like, “Hey, I went to church with that lady!”  Pretty funny stuff…

Originally Posted At Larknews

BROOKLYN — Joyce Warner never has fun, but is often blessed with a spirit of joy. She is never sad, but sometimes has a spirit of melancholy. In fact, according to friends, everything that happens in Warner’s life, she classifies as a spirit.
“We’ll be having fun at lunch and she’ll say, ‘What a spirit of mischief is upon us today,'” says friend Diana Meyer. “We roll our eyes and say, ‘Spirit of what?'”
On Saturdays, when Warner does her finances, she says she is blessed with a spirit of organization and responsibility. On Sunday mornings she has a spirit of worship; on Sunday afternoons, a spirit of rest. On Monday morning, the spirit of work usually hits her on the bus.
She has mentioned having a spirit of housework, a spirit of satisfaction and a spirit of shopping, friends say.
“I said, ‘A spirit of shopping? Girl, don’t spiritualize my me-time,'” says a friend. •


5 thoughts on “Friday funny to cool you down…

    • You know the more I think about it (apparently a spirit of thoughtfulness) the more making stuff up like this could be funny, I really do sense a spirit of mirth…trust me, I can beat stuff like this into the ground, my wife often says I have a spirit of obnoxiousness (^o^) and I can really feel it comin’ on…

  1. I followed your link and couldn’t believe that article was posted as something to be taken as authentic. It sounded like it came from a Christian version of The Onion.

    Obnoxious is a relative term. 🙂

    • That’s exactly what it is, a lot like Onion News. I don’t know who does that website but whoever it is is very, very sharp…I always get a good laugh reading there…

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