The King’s Words Part 2 by Charles Spurgeon

For all those “truth is relative folks…,” enjoy! PS

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Sermon Notes: The King’s Word, Part 2

Charles Spurgeon

The Prince of Preachers

The King’s Word series: Click | View Series

Ecclesiastes 8:4—”For the word of the king is supreme.”

God alone is rightfully sovereign without limit. He is King in the most absolute sense…
Even in his least word there is omnipotence.


  1. No divine command is to be treated as nonessential, for it is the word of Jehovah, the King. See verses 2 and 3.
  2. Each precept is to be obeyed at once, heartily, to the full, by everyone, since the King commands.
  3. His service must not be shunned, for that were to rebel against our Sovereign. Jonah’s disobedience did not turn out well: for the Lord will not be trifled with, and will make runaways know that his arm is long.
  4. Disobedience is to be repented of. If we have fallen into sin, let the King’s word have a gracious power to subdue us to hearty grief.

Adapted from Charles Spurgeon’s sermon notes, which are in the public domain.


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