The King’s Words by Charles Spurgeon

I love the fact that The Resurgence Blog is going to start posting snippets from the fabulous sermons of the “Prince of Preachers,” Charle’s Spurgeon.  Here is a selection from a sermon entitled, “The King’s Words,” Paul.

kings-word-1Ecclesiastes 8:4—”For the word of the king is supreme.”

God alone is rightfully sovereign without limit. He is King in the most absolute sense; and so it should be; for he is supremely good, wise, just, holy, etc.

As he is Maker of all, dominion over his creatures is a matter of natural right.

He has infinite power by which to carry out his royal will.

Even in his least word there is omnipotence.


Let us carefully think of:

His creating word, by which all things arose out of nothing.
His preserving word, by which all things abide.
His destroying word, by which he will shake earth and heaven.
His word of prerogative by which he kills and makes alive.
His word of everlasting promise, which is our comfort.
His word of terrible threatening, which is our warning.
His word of prophecy and foreordination, which is a great deep, full of solemn teaching to the lowly in heart.
Who can stand before any of these without trembling adoration? Power attends them to the fullest degree, for each one is the word of a King.

Adapted from Charles Spurgeon’s sermon notes, which are in the public domain.


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