Friday Funny…

Thought it would be good to also end the week with some humor, Lark News always has some great stuff…enjoy!

LANSING — When Donny Smythe’s ship comes it, it could be big.
Smythe, 39, who discovered and embraced faith teachings in 2004, has spent the last two years claiming prosperity and a worldwide ministry of healing, among other blessings.
“I believe it, therefore I will receive it,” he often says, holding a person’s gaze without blinking.
While waiting for his claims to roll in he is keeping his longtime job as a sandwich maker at a deli, though he is considering quitting that job as a “prophetic sign to God” that his faith is real.
Asked if he ever doubts that his faith claims will be answered, he responds, “No. Never. Not one ounce of doubt.”
Citing the example of Abraham in the Bible, Smythe says he is prepared to wait “25, 50, 100 years” for his promises to arrive.
“I look forward to that joyous day,” he says. •


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