Some resources for the Sunday School Peeps…

Hey from Honduras Christ Church guys and gals!  Pastor Josh said the men were all were recovering well from the beating you took in the sermon on Men and Marriage!  I just wanted to share with you that the book that Mark Driscoll mentioned in his sermon, “Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood,” is available for free online including a ton of other great study resources covering the same topic!  I´m putting up some links here so you can download them and hopefully they will be a blessing to you!  Things are going well here in Honduras, praise God!  I hope and pray that you are all doing great and that God would continue to bless you abundantly in Jesus´ name!  -Paul S.

Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood

50 Crucial Questions about Manhood and Womanhood by John Piper

Biblical Foundations for Manhood and Womanhood by Wayne Grudem

Sex and the Supremacy of Christ by John Piper and others

This Momentary Marriage by John Piper

What´s the Difference? by John Piper


6 thoughts on “Some resources for the Sunday School Peeps…

    • I will be honest, I have not read all of these. I´ve read part of “Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood” and “Biblical Foundations for Manhood and Womanhood” and heard a lot of the sermons that go into the books. I´ve been doing a lot of reading here in Honduras and that first one is one I want to finish (I´ve already finished 2 others off my list!) I can tell you that these brothers take pretty much a complementarian stance with regard to gender issues. Like I said, I haven´t read them all completely, but have enjoyed many of their related sermons and find them to be very Scriptural for the most part.

  1. Thanks, man. Indeed, I am proud of my routes. When I first moved to NYC, I was self conscious about being without style. Now I’d wear cowboy boots if I had ’em — well, lets’ not go that far.

    I was curious about the books because over the past year I’ve thought a lot on “what is a man?” It’s not hard to imagine the characters in this city provoking this thought.

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