My Lame Banner & Obama is not the Messiah

That banner is lame...

That banner is lame...

I felt obligated to let anyone know who may happen to visit the website that, yes, I realize my simple black and white banner is a bit lame.  I´m still working on a really cool one that hopefully I will have done in the next couple of days.  I haven´t had access to a computer all week long and so I haven´t had a chance to sit down and write or work on anything graphically, anyway… Being somewhat isolated from the outside world here in Honduras during all this political hoopla has really been a learning experience and an eye opener for me in so many ways.  In all honesty I thank God that He is sovereign over all and that what happened here happened.  Here are a few observations…

  1. God is Sovereign (see the book of Genesis, Exodus, Matthew 28:18, John 10:18, John 19:11, pretty much the whole Bible).  Though many Christians say with their mouths that God is Sovereign, when it really comes down to it, our human nature bucks when we talk about the sovereignty of God over the universe and human affairs.  Those who want to hold on to their own sovereignty feel as though it takes something away from us as humans.  But, as Christians, shouldn´t  we be much more concerned with being careful not to take something away from who God is?  When it comes right down to it, that´s nothing more than idolatry, the creation of a god to suit our fancy regardless of the truth revealed to us in Scripture.  We are to worship God not only in Spirit but also in truth as well.
  2. In an instant, God, with one mighty whip of His hand, can pick up a “dirty rug” so to speak and send the filth flying.  Matthew 10 verse 26 says it like this, “So have no fear of them, for nothing is covered that will not be revealed, or hidden that will not be known.”  What took place in Honduras has exposed corruption not only here but in the America´s on a scale that I can´t even begin to express in one little blog entry.  From drug dealing dictators
    H - U - G, Gee, you´re corrupt!

    H - U - G, Gee, you´re corrupt!

    in Central and South America to corrupt puppet heads of national organizations to embezzelment to you name it.  God can take big shot thugs and expose them for the corrupt buffoons that they really are in an instant.  This begs the question, do you have anything that you think is hidden that you wouldn´t want to be exposed to your family, friends, church, etc.?  God has made it abundantly clear through all of this that there is nothing hidden from His sight that He can´t expose in a heartbeat.  Just something to think about…

  3. Finally, only Jesus is the Savior.  The Bible makes this quite clear, “And there is salvation in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved” (Acts 4:12).
    Sleepy time...

    Sleepy time...

    Barack Obama is not the savior, the state is not the savior, social programs are not the savior, no man, system, government organization nothing is the answer to man´s desperately wicked and hopeless condition except the Lord Jesus  Christ.  A lot of people who were starstruck are now just dumbstuck, disappointed in men who are just that, fallen, wicked corrupt men who do not have the answer.  What has happened here in Honduras and throughout the America´s has given us as Christians the wonderful opportunity to refocus our eyes on the Savior and encourage people to look to Him and Him alone for hope and salvation.  It has also convicted me to pray for our leadership like never before (see 1 Timothy 2:1-2).  This is our duty and privilege as Christians and I think if many of us would be honest with ourselves, we would confess that we have been sadly lacking in this area of Christian discipline.

Well, I pray that you are ever mindful of the sovereignty of God, that if you have things that you think are hidden that you would repent and confess them to God and allow His grace to set you free.  I would also encourage you to fix your eyes on Jesus and Jesus alone and pray for those who are in authority that God in His mercy would have mercy on us and our nations and that multitudes would see that only Jesus Christ is God and King!


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