Something we don´t like to think about…

I´ve always found it amazing when traveling how it´s possible to be in one place in the morning and then be in a completely different world that same afternoon.  Yesterday we started out in a little hick town in Oklahoma and that same afternoon we were in a large city in another country (Honduras).   These are certainly two completely different worlds.  In my little town everybody speaks English (well, I guess you could call it English…) most of the people are very fair complected and like to listen to country music and watch T.V. in English.  Here in Honduras, most people are dark complected, speak nothing but Spanish, watch T.V. shows in Spanish and listen to completely different types of music that many people where I´m from have never heard of.  It feels at times almost like you´re on another planet.

As we were landing yesterday here in Tegucigalpa, I closed my eyes and began to pray.  I started to think about the recent plane crash that took place off the coast of Brazil where almost 200 people,  men, women and children, lost their lives in an instant.  Landing in Tegucigalpa is no joke, it´s one of the most dangerous airports in the world.  As you drop in through the mountains in a huge jet you are literally within throwing distance of houses, buses, cars and large buildings before landing on a runway that´s not much longer than a couple of football fields.  While I was still praying with my eyes closed, in an instant, the plane touched down and we were here.  I opened my eyes to view a totally new world than the one we left behind.  At that moment, I realized that the truth is that just as we touched down here in Tegucialpa and were in a totally new place that at any second I could be opening my eyes in the world of eternity, just like those people on that flight off the coast of Brazil.  I began wondering what it will be like at the moment that we don´t like to think about, that moment that we really will breath our last breath and open our eyes in the new world of eternity. Right now I would like to ask you to force yourself to think about the reality of that moment.

Just as I touched down here in Tegucigalpa, opened my eyes and was instantly in a new world, the Bible tells us clearly that this life is not our final destination.  We will one day open our eyes in the world of eternity and face Jesus.  My question to you is, will you face Him as your trusted, beloved, long awaited precious Savior or as your dreaded Judge?  The Bible makes clear these simple truths:

  • Mankind is sinful,  fallen and deserving of the just judgement of Almighty God.  All of us have sinned, there is not a single work that we can do to earn salvation, we have all fallen short of His glory and every last one of us deserves to be justly condemned by Him.
  • However, Jesus the Savior came to the earth, suffered for undeserving, fallen humanity taking on Himself all of our sins and allowing Himself to experience the full outpouring of the curse and just wrath of God by suffering a brutal death being nailed to a cruel Roman cross.
  • The Bible then tells us that Jesus rose from the grave conquering both sin and death and He now graciously offers to each one of us the gift of repentance and eternal life through faith and trust in His name and His name alone.

It seems like a dream that I´m sitting here typing at my mother in laws computer in her living room in Honduras.  It doesn´t seem possible that I´m in a place where I haven´t spoken or heard English for about 2 days, but it´s true.  It´s also true that even though you may have tried to avoid thinking about the fact that one day you will breath your last breath and open your eyes in the world of eternity to face either your beloved Savior or the Judge of your sins, I think that it would be wise not to waste another second to stop and consider the reality of it.  The Bible says in 2 Corinthians chapter 6 verse 2, “Behold, now is the favorable time; behold, now is the day of salvation.”  Jesus said in John chapter 6 verse 44, “No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws him” so I pray to Him that if you don´t Know Him, that He would awaken you and draw you to Himself and that you would recognize His drawing and repent and find the absolute joy of being saved by the Lord Jesus Christ and knowing Him for Whom we created more day by day.

One day this life really will end for us all.  We will open our eyes and see a whole new world beyond this present one.  I pray that your first moment in the new world of eternity would be the joy filled experience of seeing our Savior face to face, being welcomed by His grace into His eternal kingdom and not the dread of having spurned His gracious invitation to come to Him and then facing the terror of eternal separation from His presence in a never ending hell.  Place your faith in Jesus today and in nothing or no one else, “Behold, now is the favorable time; behold, now is the day of salvation.”


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