Welcome to the new site…again

If there is anybody out there who actually takes the time to click on to my website and look around, first of all I would like to say “why???” and then quickly interject a heartfelt: “thanks!”  Now, if you have visited my site(s) more than a couple of times you will notice that I am constantly changing website designs/sites/layout/blogger/weebly you name it etc., etc.  I know this is not necessarily a good thing and for that I apologize.  I find that I am constantly in search of that elusive “The One”

The ever elusive "One"...

The ever elusive "One"...

of websites when I should probably just settle down and be content with one that will “just do.”  I had tried just about all of the different web/blogging sites out there with the exception of WordPress, and frankly  was growing frustrated with my other site over at Weebly (no offense to Weebly, that’s a great, super easy place to get a website up and running, I blame myself completely…) so I figured I’d just give it a go.

I also tend to be quick to make technological recommendations (kind of like Barak Obama and foreign policy/economic decisions, i.e. Iran, Honduras, Trillions of dollars thrown to the wind, healthcare for the masses, the First Dog…) so before I jump on the WordPress bandwagon and give a hearty recommendation, I’ll just hold off and see how it turns out.  I will say that I was looking for something simple and slick and it seems that many WordPress themes seem to fit that bill.  Only time will tell.

More than anything, I hope and pray that God will use whatever I do for His glory and kingdom purposes and that you will be blessed, challenged, at times amused, encouraged, informed, and reformed by visiting this site.  Again, thanks for visiting and hope to see you again soon…Paul.


4 thoughts on “Welcome to the new site…again

    • Thank you so much Pancha!!! Avocadoes are one of my favorite fruits, er, I mean vegetables??? What exactly are avocadoes? 🙂

    • Thanks Josh! It’s good to get back in touch with you, I was looking at your site after finding you on facebook, nice stuff…mind if I put you on my blogroll? Well, nevermind, I’m putting you anyway!

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